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What makes a great review on Criticwave?
This post was made on criticwave using the same tools that you can use on this website. You will likely need more than a brief take to make a great post on criticwave. It does not matter whether the review is positive or negative, but a longer review usually is better and more nuanced than a twitter hot take. A perfect score does have to mean perfection, but should instead indicate a masterpiece worth paying attention to despite its minor imperfections. Read more below about what goes into a great review from start to finish.
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Created May 17, 2024 | Updated May 26, 2024
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Does it matter whether my review is positive, negative or a perfect score?
No. A great review can be positive or negative, so your rating or general feeling toward it will have no impact on its discoverability. In fact, a 100% rating does not have to mean absolute perfection. Nothing is perfect after all, but a masterpiece is something worth paying attention to despite its minor imperfections. What meets that bar of a masterpiece will differ from person to person though.
Honesty (good or bad) about even the greatest or worst pieces of art will make a difference, both to consumers and the artists. Feedback can be hard to hear, but expressing concerns or praise can be constructive engagement to guide future decisions. Areas of creativity invoke feelings of passion. Feelings can change over time, so searches have the option of showing recent reviews about the current state of the product in order to encourage an on-going dialogue between the creators and reviewer. It is not worth wasting time with a finessed response to attention seeking trolls or dishonest reviews, which often try to provoke responses of poor taste. Rage-bate reviews or repeated negativity serves no useful purpose to the person on the other side. This website cuts out the trolls, so instead the algorithm will focus and prioritize only the top 20 posts to try to paint a more accurate impression. A few great reviews can make the difference between a mixed or positive consensus.
What is the purpose of a review or post then?
There is no specific format that a review or post should be, but you can start a great review by informing what it is and then discussing your feelings about it or why it works. The details are the key to a great review and the search algorithm rewards these details. A review is not one-size-fits-all, as your negative review of a product could sway someone to actually buy that product. As the saying goes, one person's garbage could be another person's treasure. This works both ways though, so do not fret over whether someone will dislike your opinion. There will always be someone that believes you are crazy for what you like, as there are so many different perspectives out in the world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the tree will not make a meaningful sound in the woods unless you talk about it.
Your review or post is personal, but can be about whatever your heart desires (as long as it does not violate the terms or service such as illegal content etc). Talk about your favorite video game or movie, but you can also ramble on about your favorite ride at Universal or the credit card you get the most points on. If you visited a museum, then why not talk about the problems with a specific artwork or design a think piece about the artist. Discuss the pros or cons of your latest cruise, hotel, or travel adventure. Debate whether iPhones should trust their users to download apps from the browser or other trendy topics like Tesla trucks. Was the burger from Burger King different than other times you go, write a review why the burger is different and your other relevant reviews at Burger King will be automatically listed on the side for others to understand the context (or see if you are spamming/trolling).
This website is not always about influencing or view counts, as it is flexible for documenting your tastes or experiences in life too. If you want, you can privately keep track of what shows you have watched and dabble some reminding notes. Most people will likely want to share it with the world though and there is even a list feature in case you want to re-review something or tie together similar reviews.
Don't let analysis paralysis slow you down
Unlike writers block, analysis paralysis prevents decision making on what to write next by overthinking or overanalyzing. All reviews are initially private, so you can keep adding notes until you feel comfortable enough to publish the post for public view. Write your honest thoughts down to your watch history and keep editing until you feel it is ready for others to see (if ever). Even this post was created using the same tools that you can use here, an example of what you can do.
The 4 main ways to discover reviews:
1. Index sites like Google Yahoo or Bing
All posts remain private and are not indexable by searches or shares…until you click the publish button. Keep perfecting your thoughts as long as you like and when you are ready for the world to see it, then hit the publish button to share it with the world. All published reviews or posts will indexable by websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other website. As such, we have included the ability to use tags so that your review may be more easily found by those types of sites. Tags are words relevant to the review or post, but each word is separated by commas or spaces in any order you want. Such tags help people find your review or post, but it also helps people easily click to find more about those topics too.
2. Criticwave’s Top 20 Search
Searches work a bit differently on criticwave than other review aggregators. A general score is derived from up to 20 of the greatest reviews or posts on the searched topic to summarize the general sentiment about what you are searching. This is similar to the Olympics, as all reviews are not included in the score in order to prevent review bombing or trolling. Unlike other review sites, you do not need to be a critic to be part of the top 20. The algorithm determines what is a great review based on what it finds during the search, but again your personal review score has no bearing in which ones qualify to be in the top 20 so that a negative or positive review can still be considered in the great 20. Instead, detail and nuance (often found in critic opinions) are favored over brief hot takes. Although length of a review alone is irrelevant, a lengthy review will likely increase the chances of the type of nuance and detail the algorithm favors. The number of likes and comments are also a slight factor too in order to encourage feedback and catharsis. Dislikes from users do not count in the algorithm though (to prevent users from trying to deprioritize another review over their own), but can be seen by the creator as feedback for the future. Note that copying a review or post from someone else can result in a permanent ban or your account if reported by other users or the algorithm detects you duplicated it after someone else.
Followers can see the latest reviews from those they follow just like on social media sites. This should allow you to build an audience and help with personalization on discoverability.
People can also see a top score from those they follow during a search. This encourages users to find reviews from people they like and even compare the general top 20 search with the personal follower search score. It is true that other platforms have created an echo chamber or bubble from followers, but criticwave places the follower search results side by side to the general search results for a user to at least be exposed to posts beyond the bubble.
4. Lists, homepage, and sharing
The homepage will feature hand selected reviews and trending topics to inspire reviews or reflect on the year. However, some of the most popular recent reviews on criticwave will also have its own subsection on the homepage based on another algorithm.
There is a list feature that will allow you to add similar reviews or posts related to the same subject in one spot. These lists are created by you to be displayed on your profile and all reviews, which gives a custom deep dive curated by you into more of your reviews. We have also permitted sharing using the url on all public reviews, lists and profiles, so that you can build your follower base organically on your own by sharing elsewhere.
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